Wanted- US Spec cars for CASH or Trade-In

Trading-in your car

Getting the best possible price

Selling your old car is the simplest and most cost effective route to your new vehicle. We make the procedure as easy as possible. WANTED. US Spec cars up tp 5 yrs & 50k miles.


Selling us your current vehicle is stress free – there are no advertisements to place, no test drives to arrange, and no legal battles to fight.


Trading in your car can be a same-day transaction with minimal fuss and bother. You will normally hand in your old car on the same day that you take delivery of your new car, so you are never without wheels.

Get a trade price

By completing the trade assessment form below, we will assess the condition of your car, its age, and other factors and determines its trade-in value. The amount we offer you for your trade-in is deducted from the amount you pay for your new car.


Save the following link or edit it right in your browser and use the email button to send it back to us:

Trade Appraisal form